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To qualify for the gift with purchase promo, all you need to do is place a new order for any boot, shoe, sneaker, jacket, shirt, or bag while supplies last! Once you add a qualifying item to your cart, look for the "Select your free gift" dropdown menu in the cart, which you can use to choose one item. The gift will then be added to your cart! (Limit 1 free gift per order while supplies last. See full details here.)

Any purchases made between 11/1/23 and 12/31/23 can be returned or exchanged through 1/31/24. We offer free shipping within the contiguous U.S. for orders of $50 or more. See our full policy here. Happy holidays - we hope you love your new Thursdays!

Thursday Warehouse SaleThursday Warehouse Sale

Thursday Face Masks

Not For Sale. Donation Only.

Thursday Face Masks

We’ve begun working with one of our factory partners to manufacture HK-19 polypropylene masks instead of Thursday Boots for the time being. The masks are not for sale. All masks are being donated.

Current production capacity: 2,000 masks per day.

We are ready and willing to donate healthcare professional quality face masks free of charge to organizations in need. If you or someone you know is combatting COVID-19 on the front lines and needs face masks, please let us know. We are only currently considering bulk orders to those on the front-lines.

Thousands of masks from our first batch of production have already been sent to recipient organizations, including: 3 Hospitals, a Fire Department, and a Homeless Shelter.

Why are we doing it?

We want to help, it’s as simple as that.

Why can't I buy a Thursday Face Mask?

We plan to ship at least 14,000 FREE face masks to people on the front-lines by April 10th. After speaking with many health care organizations, we recognize time is of the essence. Selling the masks doesn’t feel right to us when there are people on the front-lines in need.

If we are able to ramp production up to 3,000+ masks per day we intend to make our face masks available for purchase on a buy one, give one model to help fund continued production of masks for donation.

How can I help?

You already have. In addition to the nearly $150,000 we donated to Direct Relief from our warehouse sale, we are using money we made as a result of the warehouse sale to buy materials and make face masks!

You can also help by letting health care professions know that we are ready and willing to donate face masks if they are in need.

Thursday HK-19 Polypropylene Mask

Fabric: 3x Layers of Polypropylene

Details: Forms over Nasal Passage and Face Contours

Care: Reusable and Washable

Origin: Made in Mexico

Note: The masks ship without any logos but the recipient organization can include their logo if requested. Given we just started production, these masks are not FDA/NIOSH approved and Thursday Boot Company assumes no liability associated with this product. Some organizations are thrilled to accept them. Some organizations cannot. Please check with your purchasing department and read the specifications on this page to make sure you can put these masks to good use.

Sign up to be notified

Our current capacity is fully booked. We have received over 400 requests within the first 24 hours. If you have not already requested a donation, we are not currently able to accommodate new donation requests within the next 2 weeks.

We are working on coordinating with additional manufacturers to source more masks and to increase our own production capacity. Please sign up to be notified when we are accepting new donation requests by clicking the link above.

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